Welcome to the official website for the 2019 British Fell and Hill Relay Championships. Dark Peak Fell Runners are proud to be hosting this prestigious event in the heart of the Peak District National Park on Saturday, October 19th. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Derwent valley, where breathtaking desolate wilderness sits cheek by jowl with our home in Sheffield, otherwise known as ‘The Outdoor City’.

The photo on this title page was taken from the steep hillside where some of you will access the Derwent Moors at the beginning and end of your relay legs. The grassed area between the trees will be our Event Centre on the day. It sits in a sheltered valley, directly below the spectacular overflow wall of the Upper Derwent Reservoir where the famous 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron trained for their historic bombing raids during the Second World War. We hope you’ll be showing just as much pluck and swagger when you swoop past the wall at the end of your races!

Just above the furthest of the two towers on the wall, you’ll see the road that runs up the valley from the A57. We’ll use this road to get you to the Event Centre, either on our special fleet of coaches, or under your own steam using either the bikes and/or the legs that you’ve brought along for the day. We’ve secured permission to race in this beautiful and sensitive valley on the strict understanding that our vehicle footprint will be minimal. We want to make this a green and sustainable event with an exceptionally low carbon footprint!

To that end, we have arranged car parking a few miles further down the valley. While we are very keen to do this, it has posed a few logistical hurdles for us. We are confident we can overcome them, but we will need your understanding and support. It would help us hugely if you could find the time to visit our ‘Parking and Arrival’ page and read the guidance we have posted there. Thank you.

We will use this website to provide all the information you need about the event, so please come back regularly. Entries open in early August, but you can prepare now by familiarising yourselves with the entries process via our dedicated ‘Entries Process’ page. If you need to contact us for further information, or with any questions, you will find links to contact emails at the top of this page.

We will also be posting full details of the ‘Race Routes’ in due course to help you to select the appropriate runners and get them thoroughly briefed. But please remember that recce runs are a no-no! We have given our word that relay runners will only be trampling these wild hills on the day itself, and it’s not fair to the further-flung clubs if those within driving distance spend lots of time familiarising themselves with the area.  

And don’t forget to follow Dark Peak Fell Runners on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for regular updates. We’d love to share your thoughts, photos and experiences on social media.

See you in October!