Entry process

We expect the event to be oversubscribed, as in previous years. We therefore anticipate having to limit how many entries we accept, and we will be vetting entries as they are received.

Our objective is to accept most championship category entries immediately, (i.e. men and women teams in the open and V40 categories). We hope to accept entries in other categories, but realistically we may have to hold some entries until we know how many entries in total we have received by the final closing date. In the early stages, we cannot guarantee more than one entry per-championship-category per-club, (e.g. we cannot guarantee you both an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ team in the same category).

We hope that within four to seven days we will accept championship class, (M/W open and V40), entries from established fell running clubs based on their participation at previous British Fell Relays.  These entries will need to be paid for within a week of acceptance.

Other entry requests, (e.g. ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams, entries from novice clubs and entries for V50 men and women categories), will be held on a waiting list. Clubs will be told a few days after the standard entry closing date which of these have been accepted and which rejected.  Again, accepted entries need to be paid for within a week of acceptance.

It would be really helpful if clubs could enter all their teams in one submission, and do this reasonably early. We can then get an overview of demand and try to be even-handed re which teams are accepted and which go on the waiting list. This will not prevent you submitting further team entries later if you find that circumstances have changed, (e.g. all those crocked ‘B’ team stars have suddenly got themselves fit again).

We will consider late entries if we are undersubscribed after the closing date, but again we cannot guarantee this. It is subject to demand.

If a club with no record at these championships in the last three years wishes to enter a team, the application must provide details of relevant event experience in mountain/fell navigation events of the two runners expected to be on Leg 2, and the two runners expected to form the navigation leg (Leg 3) pair.  Note that GPS devices cannot be used for navigation in this event.

The timetable for entries

00:01 Monday 5th August:                Entries open

23:59 Sunday 1st September:           Early entry rate ends

23:59 Sunday 15th September:        Standard entry rate ends

Wednesday 18th September:            Waiting list teams notified of decisions

Wednesday 25th September:            Entry fees to be paid for accepted teams

If undersubscribed:

23:59 Sunday 29th September:        Late entries close

20:00 Thursday 17th October:          Team declarations close

Entry fees

Entry fees will be £145 per-team at the early entry rate, and £160 per-team at the standard entry rate.

Costs are per team of six including parking for two cars, transport to/from the Event Centre from the parking site, and post-event meals for all team members.

There will also be the option to make an additional voluntary contribution to the organisations who help to maintain the beautiful landscape where we are racing.

We face additional spending this year, in addition to the usual costs of hosting the relays. The lack of parking at Fairholmes has added additional parking and bus transport costs which unfortunately need to be reflected in the cost of entry. Entry fees are unavoidably higher than last year.

We thank you for your understanding, and we hope you will agree this is a price worth paying for taking national fell racing into such a wild and sensitive area. Our financial models suggest margins will be tight. If we do make a surplus, we will donate it to local projects and organisations who help to maintain the national park.

Entry categories

The Championship categories for which British Athletics medals will be awarded are as follows: Open men, Open women, Vet 40 men and Vet 40 women.

In addition to these four categories, we will also be taking entries and awarding prizes for two other categories: Vet 50 men and Vet 50 women.

To enter a team, a club must be affiliated for fell running with the appropriate UK Athletics body, e.g. England Athletics for England and equivalent organisations for other home countries.  Each team member must be a first claim member on the fells of the club they are running for and must not have competed for another club on the fells during this year.

Finally, there will be two further classes: an Open NC class, intended for organisations such as university clubs whose team cannot meet first claim requirements, and a Mixed class. Competitors in a Mixed team must comprise three men and three women, drawn from any combination of age categories. They must all be members of the same club, and they must meet the first claim requirement.

Note that the requirement stated on the Fellrunner website for all team members to have run a category A race is not applicable this year.

Junior runners

The Relay Championship is a senior event and is designed primarily for senior runners, but we also want to encourage future stars who are reaching the end of their journey as junior runners. To that end, we are delighted to confirm that relay legs one and four have been judged suitable for junior runners aged 16 or over. Runners who are under the age of 18 but aged 16 or over on the day of the Relay Championship will be eligible to run in legs one and four, (but not legs two or three).

Travel and parking

We referred above to the special parking and transport arrangements we have organised for the event. These are an integral part of us getting permission to take hundreds of runners into an exceptionally sensitive area of moorland. It is vital to the success of the relays that all teams familiarise themselves with the arrangements in good time, i.e. now, when you are thinking about getting your entries in.

Please, if you have not done so already, click through to the ‘Parking and Arrival’ page on this website, and read the guidance we have posted there. Thank you. To save you scrolling back to the top of the page, here’s the link: Parking and Arrival page

Enter the Relays here…

Entries opened on Monday 5th August. Since then we have received exceptionally high interest. It is likely that the event will be oversubscribed by the time the early entry rate ends on Sunday 1st September. If you are thinking of entering the Relay Championship, we would urge you to move quickly! Please use the links below to enter the event, to edit your entries, or to view the latest entry list: