Our plan is to start the relays at 11am on the dot. We’d hate to start without you, but we really don’t want to have to delay the start for late-running teams. So please arrive in good time and allow ample time for the journey from the car park!

Please note that permission for the event is on the strict understanding that competitors will not park in the Upper Derwent valley, i.e. at any point north of the main A57 road at Ladybower.

We have arranged car parking in Bamford village, which is about a ten minute drive from the Event Centre at Fairholmes. We will have a fleet of coaches to transport you from the car park to the race venue. Getting everybody into the car park and then onto the coaches is a considerable organisational task for us. It involves moving hundreds of people through a small rural village against tight deadlines. We are confident we can do it, but we do need your understanding and cooperation! To this end, we have prepared detailed guidelines regarding travel arrangements, car parking, and boarding the coaches. You can download these guidelines from this page in either pdf or Word format. Please download, read and digest the guidelines at the earliest opportunity so that you have ample time to make travel arrangements. The links are here:

The car park is reasonably sized, but not infinite! We’re using a community recreation ground in a sensitive village site in the national park. Please help us to manage this by car-sharing, or perhaps by organising a minibus for the whole team plus supporters. We will expect every vehicle to be full of runners. Please respect this! We will have big problems if people arrive in vehicles carrying only one or two people. We also want to keep the carbon footprint of the relays as low as possible.

To that end, you may want to consider travelling by train. There are hourly trains from Sheffield and Manchester to Bamford station, which is about a one minute walk from the car park/coach pick-up. While we would love to encourage you to bring your bike on the train, we should point out that the trains have very limited carrying capacity for this.

We recognise that some teams might prefer to organise their own sustainable transport from the car park to the race, e.g. you may want to cycle or even jog! There will be parking for bikes at the arena. How about setting yourselves the goal of being the club that travels to/from the relays in the most imaginative and sustainable way? There is a good cycle route from the Bamford car park. If you want to make use of this, please download the cycling map that we have produced:

Please note that the car park does not have space or facilities for unusually large minibuses or camper vans. We do not have the facilities to host any on-site camping. If you wish to camp, please make your own arrangements. You will find the area has many campsites with space for both tents and vehicles at this time of year. UPDATE: We have now managed to arrange parking for camper vans very close by, and within just a few minutes walking distance from the car park – please see the ‘Final Details’ briefing document via the Handy Downloads links down the right-hand side of this page.